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A Social Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Inspirational Columnist, Authoress, Executive & Leadership Coach & Transformation Practitioner. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, having majored in English & Psychology, a Higher Diploma in Education & an Honors Degree in Clinical Psychology obtained at the University of the Western Cape.

Ms. Hill also holds two international accreditations: The first as a registered Assessor with City & Guilds of London, the second as a licensed Thomas International Analyst.

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Inspirational & Professional Speaking

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Process Design, Facilitation & Training

Inspirational Writing & Curriculum Design

Why choose Lynn?

Ms. Hill possesses 26 years of Industry Experience across multiple sectors on every organizational level. It is her depth of insight into human behavior and her depth of professional character that provides clients with the depth of an instant shifting and empowering experience, depth differentiates Lynn as a brand.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

_ Marianne Williamson


Lynn Hill International


I was privileged to be part of an extremely inspiring session this morning facilitated by Lynn Hill De Wet. Her understanding of the subject content was excellent. Her technical skills, passion, dynamism are top class. Having” travelled” the Province as a leader, I really do believe we could use her talents, for the benefit of our staff/province, to entrench a sustainable people platform that would give us a competitive advantage over the FNB’s & ABSA’s.
_Graham Benn - Ex Regional Manager, Standard Bank
When I was going through a court case, Lynn’s wisdom and advice helped me win the case. But it was her practical advice as my life, business and executive coach that put me on the path to financial and spiritual prosperity.
_Kazeka Kuse, CEO of Daring Media, Former Times Media Syndicated Columnist, Breast cancer survivor and Author of Brave heart with Red Lipstick
I have listened to many, many motivational and personal growth speakers in my 66 years, both live and on the internet. NEVER have I been as moved and engaged and literally entranced by the magic of Lynn Hill
_Jane Angus, Business Owner & Entrepreneur



A tiny padlocked metal cage, this has been my long abode
I forced my precious wings to fold till my soul became of age
I never saw my true colours, I never spread my wings
They fluttered at the thought, they wished to hear the key
My wings and I so wished that we’d someday be free ...
And yet it was My colours, Intense and bright anew Meshed metal mysteriously, I flew and flew and flew...
Towards clear coloured, azure skies Scattered with golden Angel’s dust

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Faded Song

I prayed for so long, I pled with God
To give me the music to my fading song
If HE knew my name before I was born
Was he not able to count each thorn...that he was adding to my Crown? One thorn too many, how many more?
One more nail clinching my already sore flesh to wood,
My blood had run dry, it had stained my cross...
And in my superficial strength, my strength was so misunderstood My invisible entity to this world!

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Hear Her Roar

I am:
She may have silently screamed when pain became her second name
She may have swallowed rivers of tears pretending not to drown’
She, may have contemplated death when there was no reason to keep on keeping on
Hear her Roar as she shouts this to the World:

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Magic Happens

You’ve got to treat a peasant like a King or Queen
You never know… Miracles Happen & Angels Fly
Fetch the Fables and the wand! Everybody has the potential
To be anything they’d want…to be
You see we have to treat each other accordingly!

So who I am today, I may not be tomorrow Because Magic Happens and Angels Fly… And we all have our dreams! Except I tend to truly remember who treated me

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Cosmic Dance

We swirled and twirled, pranced and danced, stardust and light had taken form
And from Stardust, Light and Magic and the Womb of Creation, two identical Souls were born
You and I ran through the Cosmos eons ago, holding hands and chasing Cosmic Dreams
Entwined by streams of aligned stars that would forever keep us connected between distant galaxies
` We were birthed from a single Divine breath, God sang a Song

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